Recap Bosch Connected World 2017

In March I followed the invitation from Bosch Software Innovations to attend their Bosch Connected World event in Berlin. It’s one of the biggest IoT events in Germany and a mix of conference, exhibition and hackathons – very innovative and full of high class speakers from around the world. I was there in two roles. First, as business model expert to help the attendees to understand the impact of platform
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Bookmarks of the month 02/2017

The month is gone and here are my highlight-links of interesting articles & news about platform innovation. Enjoy.   The 99 billion dollar idea A Bloomberg story about the rise of AirBnB and UBER and how they shaped the sharing economy. Nice read, because it gives a short history about the companies, the struggles and the strategies. Link: https://www.bloomberg.com/features/2017-uber-airbnb-99-billion-idea/
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Platform Innovation Workshops now possible with creatlr.com

In a digital world online collaboration and visual thinking tools becoming more and more important. One of those platforms where you can collaborate with your teammates and clients using online canvases is creatlr.com. We are using creatlr.com since over one year now and it became our favorite tool for global engagements and workshops. Currently we don’t know any better platform where you can perform visual wor
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Welcome Sabrina – our newest team member an ambassador for Spain

In the last months the global spread of the Platform Innovation Kit continues and we are very happy to have a new team member  – Sabrina Guzman. Sabrina will join the team as Ambassador for the methodology and as platform innovation expert especially in Spain / Barcelona. She is an experienced digital business entrepreneur, coach for startups and fascinated by platform business design and disruption theory. Mor
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Proceedings of the European Workshop of Software Ecosystems available

Last November I attended the European Workshop on Software Ecosystems organized by Karl Popp of SAP Germany and presented the Platform Innovation Kit. The workshop was packed with great people from Huawei, Amazon Web services, Netfira, SAP, Synomic and many more. All share a common interest in ecosystem management. A truly great place to meet and learn. Thanks to Karl Popp the presentations (proceedings) are now avai
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How Santa Clause hyper scaled Xmas – A platform business story

Let’s jump forward into the future – it’s christmas time of the year 2020. It’s the first time since thousands of years that Christmas is not stress for Santa Clause. The opposite is the case: Santa is sitting in front of it’s new multiscreen X-Mas Control Center and he enjoys the numbers scrolling down the screens. He disrupted it’s own business, hyper scaled the number of deliver
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4 Major Platform Business Models

Creating a platform business always leads to one key discussion: how to earn money with the platform? When I teach platform business to clients or at the University I try to ensure that the audience understands two key elements. First: the platform flow. Second: the 4 major types of business models. Let’s start with the first one: Platform flow. Your platform should generate a positive value to all peers by mak
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Bookmarks of the Month 09/2016

The month is gone and here are my highlight-links of interesting articles & news about business model innovation. Enjoy.
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Platform literature overview

Platform economics is a relatively young field of academic work, beside the fact that multisided markets exists for thousands of years. In a recent talk with Peter Evans from the Center of Global Enterprise, he showed me his recent study on platform literature. He build a database using a fetch tool based on Google scholar to capture a total of 946 authors. These authors have produced 635 titles in the last 16 years
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