Platform Business Models are the fuel of Digital Transformation. Looking at the top 25 most innovative companies worldwide, over 20 of them have business model innovation established as best practices and almost all of them are based on platform economics.

In the last years the original “business model canvas”, invented by Alex Osterwalder, conquered the board rooms and innovation labs. A perfect tool to define and create linear business models. But for the new evolving platform based businesses, the tool is limited. Therefore we created a new one. Based on our experiences from customer projects and the analysis of best practices by successful Silicon Valley startups, we created the “platform business model canvas”.

What is the main difference to the original BMC?

The BMC is designed for linear businesses, where a producer serves the need of a consumer. A to B. In the new age of digital companies, there is no longer a linear relationship. Platforms like AirBnB, Uber, Facebook & Co are orchestrating the different demands between different producers and consumers and also include 3rd party partners. It’s a network. Therefore the PBMC is designed like a circle, connecting the different stakeholders around the platform. It shows the value propositions as well as the value streams (similar to the revenue / costs).


It is the perfect tool to start to design a new platform business concept or to analyze / check existing ones.

How I can use the tool?

We designed the tool under the  Creative Commons license, so that you can download and use it for free. To also enable you to start using it online, we are collaborating with creatlr. Creatlr.com is a online collaboration website, where you can use and fill out online different canvases. A create tool for visual thinkers and teams.



Click here to start the download for free

Best Practice Approach

Based on our experience and the analysis of successful platform businesses, we build a best practice approach. Including designing principles, key platform components and implementation / growth strategies. It gives our clients an all-in-one package and the guarantee to consider all important aspects of a platform. Important today are not the technological features, more important are key aspects a platform like match making, pricing, user experience and a strong growth path to leverage network effects and to quickly gain advantage over your competitors.


If you are a startup or an established company, please feel free to contact me via the contact form. Engagements are all realized with T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH,  a 100% daughter of the T-Systems International.

We offer:

  • Platform Education Classes – we teach you all the important aspects of platform economics, to let you understand key drivers and how to define and implement your own platform business
  • Platform Thinking Workshops – ideation and definition of platform concepts for your business
  • Platform Building – Realizing early prototypes, customer feedback and launch
  • Platform Scaling – Pivoting your businesses based on market feedback and define and realize scaling strategies